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10 Interesting Facts About Armored Bulletproof Vehicles

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Cars are available in all shapes and sizes and can be customized to meet the driver’s needs. A whole new way of life for many people was made possible thanks to the invention of armoured cars, which provide extra safety and protection. Check out these armoured cars for sale.

Armored Vehicles Weigh As Much As a Mini Whale:

When it comes to vehicle armoring, weight is a significant factor. Your vehicle will be heavier as a result of the armoring process. In other words, if your vehicle is lightweight, it may not qualify for armoring.

From Head To Toe, You’re Protected In The Car

Bulletproof glass, run-flat tires, blast-proof carpet, hot-formed ballistic parts, and fire-proof fuel tanks are some of the advanced features that keep you safe. You’re protected from top to bottom from a bomb or another attack. On the other hand, ballistic and blast standards can vary.

Armoring Or Purchasing An Armored Vehicle Has a Wide Range Of Costs:

You are incorrect if you believe that all armored vehicles or safety standards for armoring a vehicle are available at the exact cost. For a life-saving armored vehicle, you may need to raise your budget.

There’s a Growing Interest in Armored Automobiles:

An armored car has become increasingly necessary as the number of international perils, kidnappings, terrorism, and other violent attacks grow. As a result, these vehicles are now more popular than ever. In addition to saving the day, an armored car provides a path to a more secure future.

There is No Effect on Your Car’s Appearance or Style:

You are mistaken if you believe armoring your car will alter its appearance. Style and appearance are unaffected by armor. At first glance, it’s hard to tell which is which. Don’t worry; others won’t be able to tell what you’re doing.

Drive Despite Blown Tires

Bulletproof suv can continue to be driven at high speeds, safely, and with stability even after their tires have been blown out because they are fitted with run-flat tires.

Reduces Mishap Chances

One in every 5,000 people will perish in a car accident. One in every 30,000 people will be killed in an armored vehicle in the event of an accident (6 x less likely).

Additional Measures Of Protection 

The attacks of September 11th brought home the dangers of bombs and fuel tank explosions. Several armored vehicles are now equipped with bomb detectors and remote mechanisms that allow the fuel tank to be killed to limit these dangers.

Time To React

The average time it takes an attacker to complete a job is six seconds. Clients have more time to get out of harm’s way when a vehicle is armored, allowing them to take defensive measures or realize they are being attacked.

Heavy-Duty Equipment

Coins that weigh more than 27 tonnes, or 54,000 pounds, can be carried by armored vehicles. This is nearly as much as a humpback whale or one of the Chinook cargo helicopters used by the US military (CH-47D model).

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