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5 Contacts to Have in Your Phone Before a Long Journey

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Our telephones have become permanent extensions of us these days. Like most people, you probably use your device for several hours daily. If it’s not in your hand, it’s probably nearby.

We keep our electronics close by not just because they are entertaining but also because they are useful. Because of mobile devices, we are becoming more organised, efficient, and productive. They allow us to maintain communication with important people in our lives. You can be practically inseparable from your device on an average day, but are you making the most of your smartphone while travelling?

Without a doubt, your smartphone can make your trip more enjoyable. For your next vacation, your smartphone is a need for everything from packing to photography. This article describes the five important contacts that must be present in your mobile phone while you are travelling. Let’s see what those are.

1. Mobile Number of Your Travel Agent

This is one of the numbers that must be present in your phone. Travel agents play an instrumental role in facilitating your journey. You can contact them if you miss your flight or encounter any problems during your trip.

They also play a key role in obtaining a vehicle at your destination so that you can explore the place without any problem. When planning vacation arrangements, travel agents may be really useful. You may use specialised apps suggested by them to search for the cheapest hotels, flights, and holiday packages (if you need them).

2. Mobile Number of an Experienced Travel Guide

All of us must have the number of a professional travel guide to explore where we are going. They help us analyse the area and help us with other work in case we visit the site for office purposes. They know the place by heart and are well-acquainted with the slightest details of the location. Their experience will save you from any trouble and make your stay hassle-free.

3. Mobile Number of a Local Friend

If any of your friends stay in the city you are visiting, try to contact them. They can help you in case you land into any trouble. You can also reach someone staying at the place you want to visit over social media to gather some necessary information, but with vigilance. Also, if you have lost your key or experienced another key-related issue, you can consider Car Keys Solutions for their assistance.

4. Mobile Number of Your Hotel Manager

In case you are staying in a hotel, it is crucial to have the number of the hotel manager. They can be helpful if you forget important documents in your hotel. Then by contacting them, you can retrieve your document. They also give help you in case you misplace your hotel keys.

5. Mobile Number of Parents

One must inculcate the habit of memorising phone numbers. If you lose your money, you can contact your parents or family members to provide you with some help, and by help, we mean money. So, if you are someone who prefers to leave their parents’ phone number along with your parents, think again. They can work as your saviour in a time of need.


Whether you are a solo traveller or not, having your mobile with you is essential. But more importantly, having these five contact numbers in your phone becomes even more necessary. So, the next time you take a trip somewhere, remember to save numbers on your phone.

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