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Difference Between Open and Closed Auto-Transport to Help You Make the Right Choice

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The decision to transport your vehicle is vital. It is influenced by various factors ranging from destination distance to car value, and convenience to climatic conditions. When you are looking to transport your prized possession, there are two primary options to consider –

  • Open auto transport 
  • Closed auto transport. 

Both approaches come with their own set of advantages and drawbacks, each catering to different needs and priorities. Fortunately, if you are around Las Vegas then no need to look further than My Auto Transport Company. The team is experienced, reliable, and has a trustworthy carrier network.

Open Auto Transport 

Open auto transport is the more common and economical option, frequently seen on highways across the nation. Vehicles are loaded onto open carriers, exposing them to external elements like weather, debris, and dust. While this may raise concerns, open transport offers distinct benefits that make it a popular choice for many.

  • Cost-Efficiency: Open transport tends to be more budget-friendly due to its capacity to carry multiple vehicles simultaneously. This cost advantage is particularly attractive for those transporting standard or everyday vehicles.
  • Accessibility and Availability: The popularity of open carriers ensures a wider network of routes, making them readily accessible and available, even for short notice transport.
  • Visual Monitoring: As your vehicle is in plain sight, you have the advantage of visual monitoring during the entire transport journey, providing peace of mind.

My Auto Transport Company

Closed Auto Transport

Closed auto transport, often referred to as enclosed transport, provides a higher degree of protection and security for your vehicle. Enclosed carriers protect vehicles from external elements and potential hazards, offering a premium service tailored to specific needs.

  • Weather and Environmental Protection: Closed carriers safeguard your vehicle from adverse weather conditions, road debris, and other environmental factors that could potentially cause damage.
  • Enhanced Security: The enclosed nature of these carriers deters theft and vandalism, ensuring your vehicle arrives in the same pristine condition as when it was loaded.
  • Specialty Vehicle Transport: For luxury, vintage, or exotic vehicles, closed transport is the preferred choice, providing the utmost care and protection during transit.

peace of mind

Open vs. Closed – Making the Choice

Factors to consider while selecting between open and closed auto transport hinges on a multitude of concerns, each playing a pivotal role in determining the right fit for your vehicle.

  • Vehicle Type and Value: The value and type of vehicle you’re transporting will significantly influence your choice. High-value vehicles or those with sentimental worth often lean toward closed transport.
  • Budget: Your budget allocation for auto transport plays a substantial role. While closed transport offers enhanced protection, it comes at a premium cost compared to open transport.
  • Distance and Route: The distance your vehicle needs to travel and the specific route taken are crucial factors. Longer journeys might warrant the added protection of closed transport.
  • Time Sensitivity: If time is of the essence, open transport’s wider availability and accessibility might be the preferred option.


Choosing between open and closed auto transport is a decision laden with factors that warrant careful consideration. Open transport offers cost-effectiveness and visibility, while closed transport prioritizes protection and security. 

Each option caters to different priorities, and understanding the nuances of both approaches empowers you to make an informed choice that aligns with your needs, budget, and vehicle type. 

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