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How Do You Tell When It is Time to Service Your Truck Brakes?

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The brakes on your tractor-trailer are the most important part of your rig’s safety systems. At Toledo Spring Parts & Service, we offer the support and truck and trailer repair needed by fleet and owner-operator clients throughout the greater Toledo area. Is it time to bring your ride in for brake service? These are the most common indicators of truck brakes that are past due for a thorough VIS inspection and service.

The Brake Pedal Feels Soft with Jerking Deceleration

This may be one of the most common complaints that you hear from your drivers. When air gets into the brake lines, the pressure needed to engage the brakes will not be even. The brakes will engage and disengage as the air bubbles pass through the lines.

It is time to bring your rig in to have the lines flushed for dependable deceleration every time.

The Truck is Always Pulling to the Side When You Hit the Brakes

If your semi has air brakes for the rig or the trailer, uneven air pressure in the lines can cause you to always be fighting the wheel when you apply the brakes. This can be a broken air can, hydraulic fluid leaking, or uneven wear. A visit to our VIS Check will have the problem identified and resolved in short order.

Your Trailer Brakes Lock Up Before You Start to Slow Down

When you have neglected brake service for your truck, the rig may not start to slow down at the same rate as the trailer. The trailer brakes can lock up making the entire rig shake and lose control. An extreme instance can result in a jackknife and a loss of income for a day, week, or even months.

The fix could be as simple as replacing a faulty trailer brake connector or repressurizing the entire brake system. It only takes an hour to determine the cause and schedule the repair.

A Big Rig that Shakes the Steering Wheel

Malfunctioning brakes will send you signals that you can feel. Whether it is the brakes on the truck or the trailer, uneven pressure in the lines or uneven wear on the drums or discs can translate into a steering wheel that will rattle your entire body. Sometimes the vibration even gets into your seat.

Don’t wait! Pick up your phone and schedule immediate truck brake repairs at Toledo Spring.

Whining and Grinding Noises When You Press the Pedal

Perhaps your hydraulic or air lines have been checked recently, but you skipped the annual service for your pads, rotors, or drums. Once the brakes wear down past their indicator line, they will begin to whine and grind as an audible signal that it is time for service. Don’t worry. You can’t miss this alert. The grinding shimmies right through the steering wheel.

Local Truck and Trailer Repairs Near Your Toledo Routes

Do you operate a regional trucking route through Toledo, OH? Then we are your one-stop shop for all your truck and trailer repair needs. Located near I75 and I280, we are close to your depot and major highways. Call us at Toledo Spring Parts & Service to schedule your truck brakes service today.

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