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How to create a Facebook page for selling items

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It’s challenging to stay competitive when many businesses operate across multiple platforms if you don’t reach out to where your customers spend the most time. And one platform where people spend the most time online is Facebook. This is the sole justification for why selling on Facebook is so sensible. Boost your Facebook profile by buying followers from SocialWick. Let’s find out How to create a Facebook page for selling items without delay.

How to create a Facebook page for selling items

You will require the following before using Facebook Shops

  • A store on Facebook. If you don’t already have one, what you need is below.
  • A message or email from Facebook informing you that your store can use the

Facebook Shops service. Currently, this is being introduced to US shops first. Let’s look at what you need to set one up, as Facebook Shops is only accessible to individuals who have a Facebook Page shop: To set up a Facebook page for selling, follow these instructions.

  1. Configure the Shop page on your Facebook page.
  2. Configure your store information.
  3. Configure your payments 
  4. Add a product to your Facebook shop
  5. Managing your orders
  6. You’re done!

Let’s explore what each stage specifically implies:

On your business page, select the “Shop” tab

This is located on the left side. After that, Facebook’s Merchant Terms and Policies will be shown to you for reading and acceptance.

Choose a checkout option, or enter tax and payment information

Based on where you are in the world, things start to wander a little here:

For US-based retailers, read this:
  • When you choose the Shop tab, a popup describing the setup you are about to perform appears. Please read it before selecting the Get Started button.
  • Another popup appears and requests information about your company. Enter your business type and address first. Then select Next.
  • The next step involves providing your tax registration number and the states where you conduct business. You can avoid this step for the time being, but you will eventually need to provide Facebook with this information.
Read this if you shop at a non-US retailer:
  • You will first see a popup with the Merchant Terms agreement when you click the Shop tab in the sidebar. You must check the box next to “I agree to the Merchant Terms and Policies” and then click Continue to proceed.
Products to add

Whether you are headquartered in the US or elsewhere, we are all back on the same path. Click the blue Add Product button to begin adding products. 

It would be best if you had product pictures, a product price, a product description, a name, and a link to the checkout page to add a product. 

Create collections out of your products

To help buyers locate what they’re looking for, group your products into collections after you’ve uploaded them to the site. You can choose how you wish to approach this; do what feels appropriate for your brand.

Managing your orders

Each product will be listed inside your shop management panel once you’ve uploaded a particular amount. Click the Publishing Tools link in the top bar to access it.


Using the Shop function, which comes free with every Facebook business page, you can quickly sell things to your Facebook audience.

The simplest Facebook Shop solution is provided by online store platforms that smoothly link with Facebook, especially if you are new to online shopping. Facebook then offers various free and paid marketing methods to advertise your shop. Your Facebook audience will start to increase, and more significantly, you’ll start making sales if you have a robust eCommerce platform and an effective marketing strategy.

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