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Preparing Your Chopper Motorbike For Paint

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After acquiring you custom paint hands-on guide, devices, paint and devices, the following work is to dismantle the bike. Beginning dismantling your chopper motorbike with utmost accuracy. While taking apart the chopper motorcycle, you should be extremely mindful with wires attached to the motorcycle.

Taking down chopper motorbike is not very tough, if you do it according to the custom-made painting manual overview. Eliminate just those parts from motorcycle, which you intend to re-paint, as most of the people eliminate each and every part from the bike and also discover it challenging to assemble it later. You ought to remember while dismantling your chopper bike, that you have to construct it. By utilizing the fundamental devices kit, you can quickly take down or construct your chopper bike. You need to gather all the huge or little parts of your chopper bike extremely carefully at the time of dismantling your motorcycle.

Fining sand

Sanding is done to remove the old paint from the taken apart parts of chopper motorcycle and to give smooth as well as smooth surface area to repaint. The procedure of sanding is done by utilizing sand papers. Usually, there are 2 types of sand paper utilized in sanding procedure of bikes, first is harsh sandpaper as well as 2nd is great sandpaper. Harsh sandpaper is used to get rid of the old paint from the bike as well as fine sandpaper is used to provide smooth surface area for the new paint. If the old paint is stay on the motorbike then it could trigger issue with the brand-new paint. For that reason, fining sand is extremely vital before you start painting your chopper motorbike. Never try to stay clear of fining sand due to the fact that it is very important for the long-term shine as well as grace of new paint.

Sanding Your Chopper Bike

Fining sand a motorbike does not require any type of customized expertise or skill. You have to beware while choosing the proper density of the sand paper (rough sandpaper and also great sandpaper). Sand documents with grit kind 600 to 1000 can be made use of, depending upon the roughness of your chopper bike. 600 grit sand papers are utilized for the harsh surface i.e. to get rid of the old paint. 1000 grit sand documents are made use of for fine finishing of the bike.

Although sanding is not a specialized job, yet you need to be skilled in evaluating the level of smoothness of the surface on which you are going to paint. When you are choosing motorbike sanding, you should be well prepared, as the people that execute such tasks are routinely subjected to dirt (powder of old paint). Chances of getting dirt in the eye and throat are really usual. For that reason, your need to wear the security devices. Ingesting these powders often might leads to lung cancer cells.

For the last ending up of your chopper bike, it is advised to utilize 200 grit sanding paper. Smooth as well as shimmering surface area of the bike is the incentive of appropriate sanding. Use 1200 grit damp and also completely dry sand paper if you intend to paint a metallic color on your chopper motorbike.

Chemical Pole Dancer for Sanding

If you find it hard to eliminate the old paint of your bike with a sand paper, after that you can also utilize chemical pole dancer. Apply the paint pole dancer very meticulously all over the motorbike with a paint brush.

Chemical stripper can influence your skin terribly. For that reason, you should put on safety and security devices while applying chemical stripper on your chopper motorcycle.

Exactly How to Use Chemical Stripper

You need to cover all the parts of your bike, which you wish to repaint, with clear plastic sheet (offered from any type of hardware shop), so the vapors will certainly be trapped inside as well as will function more swiftly on the motorcycle. After covering the bike get rid of the plastic sheet, than wait on the 2 to 3 hours and eliminate the plastic sheet.

Now you can begin to remove the old paint from the motorcycle with a putty blade or a paint scrape. After applying stripping chemical on the bike components and maintain the water far from these components. If essential, use the stripping chemical once more. Never ever make use of the chemical stripper to eliminate the old paint from the motorbike part, as it can influence the body (metal) of your chopper motorcycle. Therefore, fining sand by sand paper is the best as well as basic method to get rid of old paint from bike.

Wash the Parts before You Beginning Painting

After the fining sand process, wash every component. Laundering is required as well as vital to eliminate the fining sand powder which is left after the sanding process. There are some people who leap from sanding straight on the base coat and may suffer later, as if you begin with base covering without washing it, after that after finishing the very first skim coat, you will find small bits on it. As a result, wash carefully all the parts before you start paint.

For washing function, you can utilize any usual soap or dishwashing detergents which are generally offered in the marketplace. You can likewise utilize a scrub or a tough brush with these soap or detergent. A scrub or a difficult brush will certainly additionally remove the old paint left during the fining sand process. You can additionally make use of cleaner to wash bike, however never ever make use of any strong and also chemically reacting cleaner which can damage the body (metal) of your chopper motorbike by beginning the rusting process. These types of chemical cleaners contain a chemical irritant which is known as Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether. Consequently, it is recommended to make use of common soap or dishwashing cleaning agent to clean your chopper motorbike before paint.

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