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Reasons why YouTube is good

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Next to Google, YouTube is the second-largest search engine. More than 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Whether you’re disseminating information to students or marketing activities, it’s among the most remarkable ways to reach a large audience. For a large audience, you take help from SuscriberZ. SubscriberZ offers high-quality organic visibility

Every platform has its benefits, but YouTube is one that many businesses need to go with. Even though creating video content is something that many businesses find challenging, YouTube may be beneficial for your company. Here are six reasons you should think about why Youtube is good.

Reasons why youtube is good
  • Boost your search engine optimization

YouTube belongs to Google. Have you noticed that Google search results now feature videos more frequently than they once did? That is not an accident.

You boost your chances of appearing in search results and enhancing your rankings by regularly using YouTube for your business.

Your company should aim to increase its online presence as much as feasible. Using YouTube is preferable because it is a Google product. 

  • A lot of traffic

More than 30 million people visit YouTube daily and watch about five billion videos.

Mobile users account for more than half of the views and watch for an average of 40 minutes per session.

More than 88 nations and 76 languages have their versions of YouTube. It is the second-largest search engine, only behind Google. Also, keep in mind that YouTube is expanding. More people are investing more time in it every year.

In contrast to some other platforms, YouTube has a diverse readership. Men and women worldwide use it, and users range in age, education, and income levels.

They utilize the site for various purposes, including entertainment and education. 

  • Video Conversion Rates Are Higher

According to some data, text-based information is 12 times more likely to be read than video content. Additionally, it’s possible that humans process video 60,000 times faster than text.

Videos may also elicit feelings like no other internet content format can. You can be moved and inspired by them. You will likely remember those videos if they provoke thought and emotion in you. That can only be stated for some other forms of online marketing. Do you want to know how to increase YouTube likes and views? Visit YT-BOOST to know it and have the best YouTube services.

  • Exploit YouTube to Boost Your Email List

Increase your email list size with YouTube, a significant benefit of YouTube marketing. You may integrate your sign-up form into YouTube videos using a variety of software solutions.

The following are some of the most popular methods for growing an email list on YouTube:

  • Use lead magnets
  • Include annotations
  • Insert cards
  • Reach More People with Your Message

YouTube is the world’s most widely used video site, and the videos are very shareable. Think about how frequently videos appear on your Twitter feed or Facebook Timeline.

How frequently do you get emails with videos? Video may be easily and quickly shared widely. Additionally, you can integrate videos into blog posts and other web pages. 

  • A Big Budget Is Not Required-

While hiring pros to make various sorts of videos has significant advantages, not all videos require a six-figure budget. With only a few pieces of essential video equipment, you may quickly and easily produce compelling movies of lectures, presentations, and more.


YouTube is an incredible social media platform that may grow your consumer base and boost your overall value. It’s crucial to produce exciting material that will entice visitors to return for more. Furthermore, it is a highly competitive environment. Thanks to YouTube, every business has an incredible chance to increase traffic and customers.

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